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Heavy Metal Bands Flow Chart

An Amazing Flow Chart depicting Heavy Metal Band Names

Metallica to offer live downloads

Metallica will make available single song downloads from every show on their upcoming North American tour.

Full shows can also be downloaded within hours of each show ending but in addition, single songs from each show will also be able to be downloaded for 99c a track.


Pantera twilight
Pantera guitar
Pantera group

Pantera are a metal band, prominent in the early to mid ‘90s, seemingly putting to rest any remnants of the ‘80s metal scene. The Texas foursome were fairly unsuccessful, until the addition of vocalist Phil Ansemlo, aand the key turning point was the band's major-label debut, Cowboys from Hell (1990).


Pantera's mainstream breakthrough came next with Vulgar Display of Power (1992), their second major-label album, which thrust the band to the forefront of the metal scene, alongside such veteran bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. By the time Pantera unleashed Far Beyond Driven (1994), after two long years of touring, they were the most popular metal band in the land.


At the height of their popularity, Pantera began to self-destruct. Less than two months after the release of The Great Southern Trendkill (1996), Anselmo overdosed on heroin and as tensions rose between him and his fellow bandmembers, he began engaging with a growing list of side projects that kept him away from Pantera. A live album, Official Live: 101 Proof (1997), was compiled for release when it became evident that no new studio album was forthcoming any time soon. 

One final studio album did result, Reinventing the Steel (2000), but that was more or less it for the briefly reunited Pantera. The bandmembers once again went their sperate ways, forming such bands as Damageplan, Down, and Superjoint Ritual.

The end of Pantera then became official on December 8, 2004, when guitarist Dimebag Darrell was murdered on-stage by a deranged fan.

Anselmo is now the frontman in popular metal band 'Down'.

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Megadeth were formed in 1983 by Dave Mustaine, following his firing from Metallica. Hailing from L.A, Mustaine brought together a group of musicians to make music that was “Faster and heavier than Metallica”. This culminated in the release of the ‘Killing is my business…..and business is good’ debut album released in 1985.

The album received positive feedback, and combined elements of speed and thrash metal, even though the band spent half of their 8 thousand dollar budget on drugs and alcohol. Megadeth have been the pioneers of thrash and speed metal for over 25 years, with eleven albums under their belt, and sales of over 20 million.


Although Mustaine had suffered with alcohol and drug problem’s throughout the early years, Megadeth have continually churned out quality album’s which have helped create thrash metal, and influenced a generation of band’s.

After firing and re-hiring many different musicians, Mustaine brought the band back together in 2004 after a two year hiatus, and they are set to release their twelfth studio album in late 2009, which will undoubtedly cement Megadeth into the heavy metal history book’s as one of the most influential metal band’s ever.

Aaron Phillips

This information is provided as a brief overview and not as a definitive guide, there are other sources on the net for that. If however you have a story or information that is not generally known we would love to hear from you.

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Saxon on Stage

The UK heavy metal band formed in the late 70s by Peter ‘Biff’ Byford (vocals), Graham Oliver (guitar), Paul Quinn (guitar), Steve Dawson (bass) and Pete Gill (drums). Their first album was a heavy rock outing, but the release of ‘Wheels of Steel’ saw them embracing metal. Saxon’s popularity soared, earning themselves two UK top 20 hits with ‘Wheels of Steel’ and ‘747’. They capitalized on this with the release of ‘Strong Arm of the Law’. A further Top 20 hit arrived with ‘And The Bands Played On’, from the following year’s ‘Denim and Leather’ by the ‘Eagle had Landed’ (UK top 5) the band were at their peak.

Relentless series of headlining tours around the UK capitalized on this success and a sold out tour of Europe with support act Ozzy Osbourne highlighted Saxon's immense ability on the road and was set in stone with the live release The Eagle Has Landed (1982 UK no 5). In America they were supported by, amongst others, Metallica and they finished the U.S. tour with four sold out shows in Los Angeles. Nigel Glockler then replaced Gill. The departure of Dawson contributed to their malaise.


In 1990, Saxon returned to the public eye with a UK tour that featured a set-list built on their popular old material. ‘Solid Ball of Rock’ was their most accomplished album for some time, but in early 1995, Oliver, Dawson and Gill played live together while contesting the rights to the name ‘Saxon’ and with Byford. The issue was soon resolved, however, and Byford was back in place for ‘Dogs of War’ with Oliver having taken his leave. Oliver, Dawson and Gill formed ‘Son of a Bitch’ before winning the right to adopt the Oliver/Dawson Saxon moniker. Byford and Quinn remain at the helm of the official Saxon.

Saxon continue to tour.

 Mathew Jones

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Fistful of Metal, Megaforce, 1984.


Anthrax Album Promo
Anthrax Live
Anthrax Let Loose
Anthrax group pocture

Anthrax were influential for the emergence of speed and thrash metal. Combining the speed and fury of hardcore punk with the prominent guitars and vocals of heavy metal, they helped create a new subgenre of heavy metal on their early albums and they were likening to bands such as Metallica and Megadeth. Original guitarists Scott Ian and Dan Spitz were a formidable pair, spitting out lightning-fast riffs and solos that shook the music industry.

Unlike Metallica or Megadeth, they had the good sense to temper their often serious music with a healthy dose of humor and realism. After their first album, ‘Fistful of Metal’, singer Joey Belladonna and bassist Frank Bello joined the lineup. Belladonna helped take the band farther away from conventional metal, and over the next five albums, Anthrax arguably became the leaders of speed metal.

As the '80s became the '90s, they also began to increase their experiments with hip-hop, culminating in a tour with Public Enemy in 1991 and a joint re-recording of PE's classic ‘Bring the Noise.’ After their peak period of the late '80s, Anthrax kicked Belladonna out of the band in 1992 and replaced him with ex-Armored Saint vocalist John Bush -- a singer that was gruffer and deeper, fitting most metal conventions perfectly. Subsequently, their sound became less unique and their audience shrank slightly as a consequence, and after signing to Elektra for 1993's ‘Sound of White Noise’, the group left the label after just one more album, 1995's ‘Stomp 442’.

At this point, Anthrax, now a four-piece consisting of Ian, Bush, Bello, and drummer Charlie Benante, built their own studio in Yonkers, NY, and after a three-year hiatus returned with their Ignition label debut ‘The Threat Is Real, Vol. 8’.

1999 saw the release of Anthrax's very first "hits" collection, titled ‘Return of the Killer A's: The Best Of’, also their first release for the Beyond label. The album included a cover of "Ball of Confusion," which featured a duet between current frontman Bush and former vocalist Belladonna. A proposed tour that was to include both vocalists was announced, but on the eve of its launch, Belladonna pulled out, reportedly for monetary reasons. The tour carried on as Anthrax signed on to participate in a package tour during the summer of 2000 with Mötley Crüe and Megadeth, but left the tour after only playing a handful of dates.


Anthrax appeared on the Twisted Sister tribute album Twisted Forever in 2001 and began recording their next album the same year. In addition, guitarist Ian found time to regularly host the metal television program Rock Show on VH1, plus he appeared as part of the fictional metal band Titannica in the film Run, Ronnie, Run. VH1 programming heads eventually replaced Ian with Sebastian Bach, but the band was ready to head back into the studio anyway.


New guitarist Rob Caggiano joined in the spring of 2002, just in time for the recording. A year later, Anthrax made their Sanctuary debut with 'We've Come for You All'. The band's dynamic hadn't changed, and touring in support of that album was met with overwhelming success. The CD/DVD set 'Music of Mass Destruction: Live in Chicago', which arrived in spring 2004, celebrated Anthrax's two decades in the business. Then, in 2005, Anthrax's entire original lineup of Ian, Spitz, Belladonna, Benante, and Bello reunited for a tour and the CD/DVD retrospective 'Anthrology: No Hit Wonders [1985-1991]'. Anthrax also issued 'Alive 2', recorded during their summer 2005 reuninon tour.

For The Record:
Members include Frank Bello (born July 9, 1965; replaced Dan Lilker, 1984), bass; Charlie Benante (replaced Greg D'Angelo, early 1980s), drums; John Bush (replaced Joey Belladonna [born October 30, in Oswego, NY; replaced Neil Turbin, 1984], 1992), vocals; Scott Ian (born Scott Ian Rosenfeld), guitar; and Dan Spitz (replaced Greg Walls, early 1980s), guitar.

Band formed in New York, NY, 1981; signed with Megaforce Records, 1983, and released debut album, Fistful of Metal, 1984; signed with Island Records, and released Spreading the Disease, 1986; signed with Elektra Entertainment, 1992, and released Sound of White Noise, 1993.

Awards: Sound of White Noise named best metal album in Guitar Player's Readers Poll, 1994.

Addresses: Record company—Elektra Entertainment, 345 North Maple Dr., Ste. 123, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Euphoria included "Make Me Laugh," a tirade against television evangelism; a cover of the French rock band Trust's "Antisocial"; "Now It's Dark," inspired by the David Lynch film Blue Velvet; and "Misery Loves Company," penned in response to the Stephen King novel Misery.

Aside from the pantheon of popular culture, the band focused on social and political upheaval, while still managing to maintain the comic appeal they had begun to develop earlier. Ian outlined his personal agenda for social renewal to Melody Maker, venturing, "I think there should be a limited number of zombies in circulation, so that people could give vent to their frustrations by beating them up with bats. I think that could be socially useful."

In an effort to prevent exhaustion and their own frustrations, Anthrax took a three-month vacation from recording, touring, and each other to regain their creative energies—the first in three years. Then, just as they began their next project, a major setback hit the band: in January of 1990, Anthrax narrowly escaped injury in a serious fire at their studio. The bandmembers formed a human chain to try to save their equipment, but the conflagration ultimately caused more than $100,000 worth of damage to Anthrax's gear and destroyed the entire studio.


Source: Sonya Shelton


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Metallica promo
Metallica posing
Metallica live

Metallica, the most innovative metal band of the late 80s and 90s, formed in 1981 in California, by drummer Lars Ulrich and vocalist James Hetfield. Despite many line-up changes, Cliff Burton joined on bass in 1982, and Kirk Hammet replaced Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine in 1983.

This combination endured until September 1986, when Metallica’s tour bus overturned in Sweden, killing Cliff Burton. During the four years with Burton, the band put thrash metal on the map, with the aggression of their debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All’. Although 1984’s ‘Ride The Lightening’ was a distinctive metal release, it was 1986’s ‘Master of Puppets’ that shock the metal scene, taking thrash to a whole new level.

Following the death of Burton, the band chose to continue, recruiting Jason Newstead on bass. Sessions for ‘And Justice For All’ began, resulting in a spectacular moment in ‘One’, which entered highly in the UK and US charts.

1991’s chart-topping album ‘Metallica’ held some of the bands most impressive hits, with the MTV-friendly ‘Enter Sandman’ breaking the band on a stadium level, showing how the band had matured from the chaotic ‘Kill ‘Em All’ ten years previous. A stopgap live set marked time while the band completed work on the eagerly awaited follow-up to ‘Metallica’.

Finally released in 1996, ‘Load’ entered the US charts at number one. The album marked a change in image for the band, who began to court the alternative rock audience. The following year's ‘Reload’ collected together more tracks recorded at the ‘Load’ sessions, and featured 60s icon Marianne Faithfull on the first single to be released from the album, ‘The Memory Remains’. ‘Garage Inc.’ collected assorted cover versions, and the following years release ‘S&M’, was recorded live with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra..


In January 2001, Newstead announced he was leaving after almost 15 years with the band. His replacement was former Suicidal Tendencies' bass player Rob Trujillo. Recording sessions for the new studio album were fraught with difficulty, with Hetfield at one point departing to spend several months in rehab. When it finally appeared in 2003, ‘St. Anger’ was given a mixed reception by critics who had rapidly fallen out of love with the band.

Death Magnetic was released on September 12, 2008, topping the UK and US album charts – making Metallica the first band to have five consecutive number one albums. Despite previous criticisms, the album charmed music journalists - and it was hailed as some of Metallica's best work. 

On January 14, 2009, it was announced that Metallica would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4, 2009.

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Thunder band
Thunder promo
Thunder live

Once described (by themselves) as being the biggest rock 'n' roll band you've never heard of, Thunder are one of the great British rock acts (they sound like a cross between Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones and Bad Company - it's true). Having toured the world extensively since 1989, and released a huge body of records (both studio and live), they've notched up 18 top 40 UK hits. How? Not with massive Radio and TV support, no far from it, their success has been down to a combination of their reputation as a phenomenal live act, and the fanatical support of their ever growing fanbase.

Thunder have toured with acts such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Status Quo, Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Metallica, the list goes on. They've won awards galore, including best Rock Vocalist (Danny Bowes - Burrn magazine Japan) and Best Live Rock Act by readers of Kerrang magazine UK.

Thunder formed in 1989, and released their debut album "Backstreet Symphony" in 1990, which went Gold. The follow-up "Laughing on Judgement Day" (which also achieved gold status), peaked at No. 2 in the UK album charts. Their legendary appearance in 1990 at Monsters of Rock at Donington cemented their place in the hearts of British rock fans. Twenty years later, after twenty top-50 singles and 9 studio albums Thunder have announced their retirement !!


Backstreet Symphony, EMI, Geffen Records, 1990.
Laughing On Judgement Day, EMI, Geffen Records, 1992.
Behind Closed Doors, EMI, 1995.
The Thrill Of It All, B Lucky Records, 1997.
Giving the Game Away, 1999.
Shooting At The Sun, STC Recordings/Frontiers Records, 2003.
The Magnificent Seventh, STC Recordings, 2005.
Robert Johnson's Tombstone, STC Recordings, 2006.
Bang!, STC Recordings, 2008.

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The Almighty promo
The Almighty logo
The Almighty
The Almighty album
The Almighty

Scottish heavy metal is a rarity, yet Glaswegian hard-rockers The Almighty transformed all this in 1988. The four members; vocalist Ricky Warwick, guitarist Tantrum, bassist Floyd London and drummer Stump Monroe, all came from a punk-rock background, taking their main influences from bands such as The Ramones and The Cult.

They were signed by Polydor in 1989, through which they released their first album, Blood Fire and Love. A live version of the album was released a year later, after the group embarked on a European club tour, following their failed attempt to break the USA. This was soon followed by a live mini-album, which included a cover version of the Bachman-Turner Overdrive's standard, 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'. Shortly after, tensions between band members, left to, funnily enough, the departure of Tantrum. He was replaced by Peter Friessen, former guitarist for Alice Cooper’s backing band.


In 1992, The Almighty performed at Donnington’s Download Festival, and their aggressive performance lead to comparisons between the band and rock greats such as Metallica and Soundgarden. It was from this festival appearance where The Almighty really began to live up to their name. They were asked to support Iron Maiden across Europe, and played multiple stadium dates with Metallica.

In 1993, the band split from their Polydor manager Tommy Tee, and signed to Crysalis in 1994, a record label which the band claimed were ‘less demanding’. This attitude still lead to the band releasing two top 30 UK singles, Despite this, singer Warwick left the band in 1996, and the band split shortly after. They may not be together anymore, but the bands music still lives on as some of the best British metal ever made.


Blood, Fire and Love, Polydor, 1989.

Blood, Fire and Live, Polydor, 1990.

Soul Destruction, Polydor, 1991.

Powertrippin', Polydor, 1993.

Crank, Chrysalis, 1994.

Crank and Deceit: Live in Japan [Japan only release], 1995.

Just Add Life, Chrysalis, 1996.

The Almighty, Sanctuary Records Group, 2000.

Psycho-Narco, Sanctuary Records Group, 2001.

Wild and Wonderful – compilation, 2002.

Anth'f**ing'ology – compilation, 2007.

All Proud, All Live, All Mighty – live, 2008.

Source: Carly Page


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