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Terry Nelhams aka Adam Faith was one of the most successful charts acts of the 1960’s. Adam Faith was known for being a teeny bop idol and later on, a Bafta nominated actor, TV regular and in his later years a financial journalist for the Daily mail/Mail On Sunday. Faith had top 10 hits from 1959-1963.


Faith left school in Shepherds Bush in the summer of 1955, harbouring hopes and aspirations of a career in music or film. By 1956 after various runner jobs in film studios, Faith landed himself a job as an assistant film editor. This job would occupy Faith right up until 1958, when he was offered a record deal with EMI after landing a spot on BBC pop show 6-5 special, the early singles recorded with EMI received little or no chart success.

In late 1959, Faith met singer/songwriter Johnny Worth, (otherwise known as Les Vandyke) Worth penned the song “What Do You Want “ for Adam Faith, and in November 1959 the song went straight to No. 1 on the UK singles chart, Adam Faith had arrived.

Faith followed the success of “What Do You Want” up with another No.1, the Johnny Worth penned “Poor Me”, Worth would write over twenty songs for faith from 1960-1961. Faith peppered the UK top 40 for the next 5 years with varying success. Even though Faith continued to record all the way up until 1993, his days of heady chart success were over by the late sixties. He remained in the music industry after discovering and managing Leo Sayer and producing Roger Daltrey’s major label debut.

Later on in Adam Faith’s career he was a reasonably successful actor, which peaked with a Bafta nomination for his role in the movie “Stardust” alongside David Essex. In the mid Eighties he was employed as a financial journalist for the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday, he reprised this role well into the nineties. He continued to act on TV, Film and Stage until his death in 2004. Faith will be remembered as the all around entertainer who wasn’t afraid to reinvent himself whether it was as the front man or behind the scenes, Faith was always willing to take a risk to follow his dreams.

Source: Segun Murray Ogunsheye

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