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The Quireboys formed in London in 1984, then known as The Queerboys. Formed by friends Spike Gray (vocals) and Guy Bailey (guitar), the band have seen multiple reformations of the group.

In 1987, The Quireboys recorded its debut single, ‘Mayfair’, released under the Survival Records label. Three years later the group's first album, ‘A Bit of What You Fancy’, was released through EMI. Four of the tracks from that full-length debut found their way onto the charts, carrying The Quireboys from hushed fame to the public spotlight. Tours followed throughout England and Europe, and helped develop the bands strong fanbase.


A live album was put together in a rush for a following release, conveniently enough titled ‘Live Album’. The music was The Quireboys, but the live recording badly done and held enough flaws to be a disappointment. In 1993, a third album hit the market, ‘Bitter Sweet & Twisted’. The writing was already on the wall for the group by then, and members called it quits.

Even though The Quireboys had come to a halt, its music hadn't, and two more albums were released during the band's sabbatical. The first, ‘From Tooting to Barking’, came from some early demo works by the band. The second was a double-CD offering that carried the tracks from the albums ‘A Bit of What You Fancy and Bitter Sweet & Twisted’, as well as a number of extra tracks.

Through the rest of the '90s, The Quireboys regrouped with new members, then disbanded. Many of those members went on to become part of other bands, like God's Hotel, Dogs d'Amour, Blood From a Stone, and Nancy Boys.

In 2000, the newest makeup of the group released another album, ‘Lost in Space'. The group continue to perform.



A Bit of What You Fancy, EMI/Parlophone, 1990.
Bitter Sweet & Twisted, EMI/Parlophone, 1993.
A Bit of What You Fancy/Bitter Sweet & Twisted, EMI/Parlophone, 1997.
This Is Rock'N'Roll, Sanctuary, 2001.
Well Oiled, SPV, 2004.
Homewreckers & Heartbreakers, Jerkin Crocus, 2008.
Halfpenny Dancer,  Jerkin Crocus, 2009.
A Bit of What You Fancy 20th Anniversary Edition, Jerkin Crocus, 2009.


Source: Carly Page

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